Totem Animals

The dragon suits me best out of four animals, the dog, the dolphin, the anteater, and, of course, the dragon. The dragon means wise, powerful, and fiery. For example, I always think before I speak or do (wise). When I am speaking to a grown up, like say my friend needs help on a project, I don’t say, “She needs help!”, instead I say, “She needs help on a project.” Also, I have a lot of power in my family (powerful). I get my way by using debate, like, if my parents wanted to go to Panda Express, and I wanted to go to Subway, I would say, “But we went to Panda Express last week, but the last time we had Subway was my birthday!!!(July 6)”.Finally, if someone insults a friend or family member of mine, I get REALLY angry (fiery). Once, on the first week of school, this boy named Nima was insulting my dog, and I broke 6 pencils at the same time! (I have the shards to prove it!)

My next best suiting animal is the dog. The dog means loyal, protection, and teaching.  For example, I love to teach, I teach whenever I can, wherever I can. I love teaching so much, on Saturdays, when my mom worked at Chick-Fil-A, and I had to go to work with her, I took my stuffed animal and paper and pencil, then I “taught” her to read and write. It was so funny! My next example is that I have always kept my friends’ secrets. I only told specific people and only with permission because that person whose secret it is knows she/he can trust she/he but can’t contact. So they contact through me! My final example is that when my parents are not home, and I’m with my dog, I make the home safe until my parents are home. I love being protected and am very protective because I close all the windows and lock the door even though I have my own loyal dog (which is weird because I am talking about dogs), cat, and hamster to keep my company.

My third best suiting animal is the dolphin. The dolphin means playfulness, kindness, and happiness. I, like a regular ten-year-old, am playful. I always play around and have fun with my friends, like once, me and my friend Gina were playing in Big Bear, and I suddenly shouted, “Snowball fight!” and threw a snowball right at her snowball to make it explode. I always help a friend in need. Once, in Big Bear, Gina slipped and fell really badly, and I ran on the ice, and did not care if I slipped, and got to her as fast as possible. How many people do you know that does not start crying when she goes all the way to Disneyland and finds out that her pass was blacked out? Once, me and my mom went all the way to Disneyland by BUS, and our passes were blacked out (we did not check if they were). I instantly said that it was ok and that we could go to Downtown Disney.

My final animal is the parrot. The parrot means communication, mockery, and thinking before speaking. As I have already said, I always think before I speak. So another example for doing so is that I would never say “I hate you” to anyone because I know I will regret it. I am also great at mockery. I always play a mockery game with my mom, she always wins, but I still go for hours, mocking her every sound. Communication is very important to me. If you dare me to go my entire spring break without saying a word, I would start blabbing everything I wanted to say after the first thirty minutes.

Well, I just hope no one does dare me to do that, because I just don’t stop talking.


My BFF and I ;-)

I’m BFF with Taylor Swift. Almost every weekend we go to the mall in disguised. Then, we go to her house and we have a sleepover. At the sleepover we do: ma-lovers, prank calls, fashion shows, and we even stay up all night telling spooky stories.

I like Taylor Swift because she is so fun.